English translation

Also in 2020 a European Shoemaker Contest will be held. The organisation is carried out by the Dutch Shoemaker Organisation in cooperation with the Dutch Shoe Academy.

Our association tried to translate the conditions of participation as good as possible.
Unfortunately our native language is not English and we did not have the financial possibilities to translate them by an official bureau. However we would be very pleased if foreign participants would participate in our European Shoemaker Competition. 

We received some questions about payment by PayPal.
This is possible but we charge you € 1,88 extra for the costs.
Please fill in on your application form "Payment by PayPal". Than we will send you an invoice directly through PayPal so that you can pay. This makes the total entry € 45,- plus € 1,88. So in total € 46,88.

Please make sure you don't write a value on the post packet with your competition piece. We know your entry is "priceless" but otherwise customs fee have to be paid. Because they think we have bought something abroad. And we will send your entry for the competition after judged and displaying in return.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail info@schoenmaker.nl or telephone +31226423685.

Kind regards,

Margret Hoekenga-Idema

Secretary general of the Dutch Shoemakers Association

English Translation of the conditions of participation of the European Shoemaker Contest